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Clone Repositories

This stage creates pulls/clones the specified software components (repositories) to the SAP BTP, ABAP environment system. As a prerequisite, the Communication Arrangement SAP_COM_0948 (Software Component Management Integration) is created using the step cloudFoundryCreateServiceKey. With the creation of the Communication Arrangement, a User and Password is created on the SAP BTP, ABAP environment system for the APIs that are used in this stage, as well as in the ATC stage.


The following steps can be executed in this stage:

Stage Parameters

The parameter strategy influences, which steps will be executed. Possible values are:

Value  Explanation
Clone The step abapEnvironmentCloneGitRepo will be executed. This is recommended, if a new system was created in the Prepare System stage.
Pull The step abapEnvironmentPullGitRepo will be executed. This is recommended, if a static system is used. The software component should be cloned beforehand.
CheckoutPull The step abapEnvironmentCheckoutBranch, followed by abapEnvironmentPullGitRepo, will be executed. The software component should be cloned beforehand. This can be used if the branch may change between pipeline executions.

Stage Activation

This stage will be active, if the stage configuration in the config.yml contains entries for this stage.

Configuration Example

It is recommended to use a yml configuration to define the software components. This yml file works for all strategies. If you are building an ABAP add-on, the addon descriptor addon.yml can be reused.


  cfApiEndpoint: ''
  cfOrg: 'myOrg'
  cfSpace: 'mySpace'
  cfCredentialsId: 'cfAuthentification'
  cfServiceInstance: 'abap_system'
  Clone Repositories:
    repositories: 'repositories.yml'
    strategy: 'Clone'


  - name: '/DMO/SWC'
    branch: 'main'
    commitID: 'cd87a3cac2bc946b7629580e58598c3db56a26f8' #optional
    tag: 'myTag' #optional