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Prepare System

In this stage, the ABAP Environment system is created. This is done with the abapEnvironmentCreateSystem step. After the system creation, the Communication Arrangement SAP_COM_0510 (SAP BTP ABAP Environment - Software Component Test Integration) is created using the step cloudFoundryCreateServiceKey. With the creation of the Communication Arrangement, a User and Password is created on the ABAP Environment system for the APIs that are used in the following stages.


The following steps are executed in this stage:

Stage Parameters

There are no specifc stage parameters.

Stage Activation

This stage will be active, if the stage configuration in the config.yml contains entries for this stage.

Configuration Example


  cfApiEndpoint: ''
  cfOrg: 'myOrg'
  cfSpace: 'mySpace'
  cfCredentialsId: 'cfAuthentification'
  cfServiceInstance: 'abap_system'
  cfServiceKeyName: 'JENKINS_SAP_COM_0510'
  Prepare System:
    cfService: 'abap'
    cfServicePlan: 'standard'
    abapSystemAdminEmail: ''
    abapSystemDescription: 'ABAP Environment Q System'
    abapSystemIsDevelopmentAllowed: false
    abapSystemID: 'H02'
    abapSystemSizeOfPersistence: 4
    abapSystemSizeOfRuntime: 1
    cfServiceKeyConfig: 'serviceKey.json'


  "scenario_id": "SAP_COM_0510",
  "type": "basic"