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In this step Gatling performance tests are executed. Requires the Jenkins Gatling plugin to be installed.


The Gatling Jenkins plugin needs to be installed.


name mandatory default possible values
appUrls no
failOnError no true, false
pomPath yes
script yes
  • appUrls - Optional List of app URLs and corresponding Jenkins credential IDs.
  • failOnError - Defines the behavior in case tests fail. When this is set to true test results cannot be recorded using the publishTestResults step afterwards.
  • pomPath - Path to the pom.xml file containing the performance test Maven module, for example performance-tests/pom.xml.
  • script - The common script environment of the Jenkinsfile running. Typically the reference to the script calling the pipeline step is provided with the this parameter, as in script: this. This allows the function to access the commonPipelineEnvironment for retrieving, e.g. configuration parameters.

Step configuration

We recommend to define values of step parameters via config.yml file.

In following sections of the config.yml the configuration is possible:

parameter general step/stage
appUrls X
failOnError X
pomPath X

We recommend to define values of step parameters via config.yml file.


The step depends on the following Jenkins plugins

Transitive dependencies are omitted.

The list might be incomplete.

Consider using the ppiper/jenkins-master docker image. This images comes with preinstalled plugins.


Pipeline step:

gatlingExecuteTests script: this, pomPath: 'performance-tests/pom.xml'